How To Store Your Christmas Decorations?

In December, each house lives the same ritual. We can see the boxes and boxes containing the Christmas decoration wisely arranged for a year with only one hope: to have nothing broken and not to find garlands all entangled. Homebox, a specialist in self-storage in France, explains how to store and store your Christmas decor like a pro.  

Well Pack Your Christmas Decoration

If possible, keep the original boxes of Christmas balls and other decorative objects specially designed to store them. You do not have them anymore? A table of eggs can do the trick! Another tip, use old cartons moving individual bottles or glasses, efficient thanks to their compartments that will avoid shocks. To effectively protect your most fragile objects, do not hesitate to use bubble wrap or tissue paper.

Pack your Christmas wreath in a plastic bag before storing it in a box to protect it from dust and moisture. Ditto for your artificial tree. Your garlands of light get tangled despite all your efforts? Wrap them around a roll of paper towels, a cardboard chute or a simple hanger with hooks. 

Keep Safe

Whether you keep your Christmas decoration in your garage, your attic, or a storage box, it is essential to store your cartons in a strategic location and easy to access. Group your tables and do not forget to label them to find them at a glance. To simplify your task, the free application HOMEFOX allows you to make a complete inventory of your boxes and even generate QR codes to find the specific content of each box!

You will put the most fragile cards above to prevent your decoration from being damaged or broken.