Before you move, you may want to do some minor painting, plumbing, or electrical work. But how to find extra arms or artisans at a reasonable price in your environment? Here are some answers and advice about your move.

Addressing Your Loved Ones, Without Funding

A quick and easy solution is to talk to your family or friends: ideal if you have painting, tapestry, small repairs, or carpentry to do without special skills needed. It will be more pleasant to repaint the living room several afternoons than to spend several days alone. Tell your loved ones well in advance and do not forget to thank them for a dinner or lunch that you will organize!

Find Professionals At A Lower Cost

Preparing for your move is already a significant expense, so you probably want to keep the extra costs to a minimum. If you need to call on artisans for your post-installation jobs, be smart! Contact several professionals and do not forget to ask them for their decennial warranty certificate. Ask them for a quote for a specific task, which you will strive to quantify as much as possible (“a wall of X square meters to be upholstered, about a half-day of work”, “the repair of a brand X refrigerator, model XX, purchased in 2010 “, etc.) to obtain the best tariff estimate. If possible, compete with the artisans. Do not forget that some work a little more expensive (insulation, heating, moving boxes, so!